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Characteristics of a home that has poor indoor air quality

10/24/2013 Back To Blog

Indoor air quality businesses are thriving in California because people have realized the importance of cleaning the ducts. The kind of air that you breathe kind of determines how healthy you are. When you visit most hospitals in Huntington Beach, you will realize that the doctors will advice you to ensure that you always have a clean breathe. People tend to ask what the right time for air duct cleaning is. That has been a hard question but here are some things that will guide you in knowing the time for cleaning.Indoor Air Quality 24/7 Services


Presence of mold

Mold is formed when moisture comes into contact with any surface. When the air that you breathe passes through the duct system, it is usually not dry but it is moist. When the moisture finds a lot of dirt in the ducts they combine and form mold. When you see any form of mold in your ducts, you need to have duct maintenance done immediately.


Increased coughing in the home

Coughing is caused by dust and this means that the ducts are full and something has to be done. Coughing also means that there are a lot of germs in the air. If you do not trust that, you can have air quality testing done. After air testing has been done is when you can have your ducts cleaned.


Dust particles floating in the air

The moment you see some dust floating in the atmosphere, it means that the quality of what you are breathing is not standard. Duct sanitizing should be done after the cleaning. Even if all the characteristics listed above cannot be found in one home, one of these have to be found. However, you can clean the ducts after a definite period of time. Duct cleaning is not that expensive so do not be afraid to go for it.

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