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These are the right tips to follow if you want to have your air ducts clean and well maintained.

  • Invest in Air Quality Monitors

    Air quality can’t be tested without certain equipment. With the rise in technology, gadgets and lab instruments are getting more affordable. If you can, our experts suggest that you invest in some of these instruments to be constantly updated on the air quality inside your home.

  • Get good duct materials

    If your family plans air duct replacement this year, you must make sure the new ducts are made of good quality materials. There are options on the market and you can have the full assistance of Air Duct Cleaning Huntington Beach. After all, you don't change the ducts often and you need to know they're insulated and sealed properly.

  • How to avoid wasting money on energy

    The first thing you should do is HVAC maintenance but if you want to ensure that the unit will work efficiently, it's better to check the condition of the air ducts, too. If you lose energy due to gaps, proceed with air duct repair. 

  • Air duct sealing is important

    When the air ducts are not sealed properly, energy will be lost. You will pay more for energy consumption but the system won't work efficiently. All gaps and cracks must be repaired and Air Duct Cleaning Huntington Beach can give you a quote for air duct repair.

  • Contact cleaning

    One effective method of cleaning air ducts is contact cleaning. Here, you use a normal vacuum to suck in dirt and debris from inside a HVAC ductwork. It is a simple method, yet at the same time, effective. Do note however that because you are using a normal vacuum to do the job, your range will be limited and thus be unable to reach deeper into the ductwork.

  • Knowing when to clean your ducts

    Though it is not always needed to clean your duct, knowing when to clean it can be very helpful. A dirty air duct could be the start of a more complicated problem. That is why Air Duct Cleaning Huntington Beach recommends that you should try to get your air ducts clean if you notice growing mold, large amounts of dust, debris and even vermin inside.

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